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What the Hell? – Patterson’s Blog

4 Sep 2010

Saturday’s Gone!

Had to come into the studio to re tape some segments the camera man and, of course Candi screwed up. When I say screwed up I don’t mean Candi was screwing with the camera man. I mean Candi uses a magnetic hair curler and got too close the the camera with it. Here goes four hours I will never get back.

7 Responses to “What the Hell? – Patterson’s Blog”


    I am sure you were even better the second time around. Howz come you don’t appreciate how sexy and beautiful Candi is? Candi is Hot, and I like to look at her.

  2. Candi Cotton says:

    Little do you know Patterson! I WAS screwing with the camera man!
    And Izzy, you are my new favorite person!

  3. Timothy says:

    You know i had a degree in wine tasting but it expired and i’ll be Candi’s 2nd new favorite person.

  4. Huey Virgie says:

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